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Barber of the Week Feb 20th: Gavin “Maestro” D’Andrick

Our featured #barberoftheweek is none other than Gavin Imán D’Andrick. Gavin a native of Douglas, GA who now resides in the city of Richmond VA has exploded on the scene with his exotic cuts and hair designs. He appeared on stage in last years 5th Annual Beauty and Barber Awards Fashion Show cutting hair blind folded before a live audience.

We caught up with Maestro da Barber to aske him a few questions about his career.

Gavin, What do you think sets you apart from others in your field? “What sets me apart from other barbers is the level of artistry I put in my cuts. I’ve been cutting hair professionally now for about 10 years. My skill level is a result of learning from other barbers and combining what I have learned to my own techniques. And I think that is one of the most important things about this profession is the compacity to learn from one another.”

If you weren’t in this profession what would you be doing? “If I wasn’t a barber I probably would be singing or dancing that’s why when I perform I’m up there dancing. People be like “there go the dancing Barber” lol..”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years with your career? “What’s in store for me in the future is just spreading my creativity. In the years to come my passion is to travel and teach my creativity in different cities. Richmond definitely has some prominent barbers I’ve came in contact with Roney Boyd, Michael Kearse, Shahid Shabazz, Shabazz AceOf Bladez-Barbershop) just to name a few. Probably some of the best Barbers I’ve seen since I’ve been in this profession. I would love to start a team of barbers with these guys and host Expos all over the States. And of course I would love to own my own shop but it’s nothing like getting out and connecting with the people and people is what makes my profession so important. The relationship between a barber and a client is almost intimate. Really it’s not about the haircut it’s about the experience and a client has to simply like you as a person. I tell my clients all the time.. “We married lol..” “this is until death do us part.” But to be in this profession brings me purpose and keeps me level. Im always humble to provide a service to my clients!”

I can currently be foundLuv My Hair Inc. in Luv My Hair Inc. 105 West Main St Richmond VA.

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